Dania Roza founder at Kactus Media Mareting AgencyMy name is Dania Roza, and I’m the founder of Kactus Media Marketing.

Entrepreneurship is in my veins since I was little, I used to sell drawings at the age of 6, hand-made jewelry, anti-stress balls to classmates.  I can make a list of things I used to sell in my childhood and as a teenager.

Having worked in different communication industries, such magazines and big Corporations like IBM, I realized that what I really enjoy  is to create ideas and put them into actions through Marketing strategies.

I have a background in IE Communication and Digital Media, a Bachelor of Media and Communication and have studied in different countries as; Mexico, Spain and Canada and taking lots of online courses as well to the present.

After helping women in business in their marketing efforts by promoting their products and services through a women directory in the UAE.  I used my Marketing and communication background to create Kactus Media, a small agency formed by a  small  group of creatives with passion for marketing ,content and digital design.

I’ve been working in Digital Marketing since 2011 in multiple projects, helping businesses on their marketing needs.

Digital Marketing is  my passion, every client is a challenge and a new opportunity to test, learn and  improve.

I believe that Education is key, and keeping us the most up-to-date into the fields of Digital Marketing is a must in this evolving era. I’m constantly educating myself , taking Seminars and Courses related to Digital Marketing to improve  methods on how to perform best results for my client’s sales growth.

I’ll be so glad to help you out and achieve your goals together.