17 Nov

Why the Boost Post Button is a bad idea

Every business need exposure, and are very tempted to boost a post for 5 , 10 usd to get that post lots of views and hopefully to get some leads,  yes,  is quick and is easy, but is it really the best option to spend your budget?


Here are some reasons why clicking on the “Boost Post” button is not quite a good idea:

When you click the Boost Post button, Facebook creates a new Facebook ad campaign for the post you want to promote. That Facebook campaign is optimized for “Post Engagements”, which means reactions, comments, likes and luckily shares. There’s also an option to use  your pixel (in case you have one) , nevertheless options are very limited.

The possibilities of having leads are reduced as your funnel hasn’t been properly defined.   

When you set a campaign manually promoting a post through Ads Manager  you have lots of options and possibilities for your users to take action on what you want them to do , targeting and bidding options too. Using Facebook Business Manager will give you a superior targeting options so you can set up an efficient campaign and make your budget worth it, rather than doing it through the Boost Post Button based on limited options.

When you funnel is precise and you have created a proper  audience and a target for your ad campaign you can determinate the performance of each campaign by engagement, clicking on the ad, and conversions, whatever is best for your business and according to the objectives implemented for the campaign.

With Social Media Campaigns in ads manager you will also have the option to pause your campaign if your analytics are telling you that the budget has not been optimized in an efficient way or if you are not reaching the right audience or delivering the message through the wrong channels or if you think you have spent enough for a campaign. This applies for Facebook and Instagram as well.

How to define an audience with Ads Manager?

  • Separate audiences by age and gender, nationality, language and more.
  • Target people who like your competitors
  • Target people by demographics, interests, behavior and categories too.


ads manager

  • Choose the placement of your ads

ads placement

  • Target and re-target people that has already interest in your accounts, or have landed on your website before. (Using the Facebook Pixel)facebook pixel
  • Separate ads by an A/B Test to see which one is and will perform best so FB will decide what to choose in case one is not having the right exposure.

And many more possibilities.

Of course, that if your main objective is making an upper funnel to generate awareness only and an engaged community, perhaps clicking on Boost Post isn’t just that bad.

In Conclusion: Boosted posts offer a quick fix to reaching more people to your post only, while in Ads Manager will allow your to maximize options, have a proper funnel,  reach your audience,  and return on ad spend  (ROAS).

Next time when you feel tempted to click on the “Boost Post” button you will think it twice, and consider using ads manager instead :).


Dania Roza

Dania Roza is a marketer and communicator specialist on digital marketing at Kactus Media. She has developed marketing strategies for enterprises , brands and startups in the UAE.