02 Nov

Your Marketing plan in 5 Steps


Create a Marketing plan for your business , following these 5 essential steps to achieve objectives in your marketing efforts.



Planning through SMART concept

S: Specific, M: Measurable, A: Attainable, R: Reachable, T: Time Bound

Make sure your plan follows all these steps by defining your objectives offline and online, this will give you a sense of direction and will help you organize your goals.



Define your target , ask yourself  the right questions.

Are my followers my clients? Are they my target? In which sector would I find my audience? How can I reach them? Where are they? Based on the answers, make a list of all channels you could reach your audience.

Have in mind that a marketing strategy can have multiple types of content through different channels.




Format is the way of delivering a message. Depending of the channel , is the way you will speak to your audience through visuals and voice tone. From one single subject, you can convert it into a several particular formats.

For example, a post for blog, a pdf presentation, a video, carrousel, an  infographic, an image with a titular, a podcast, all related to the same information but with a twist of approach.




Define timings, an editorial calendar that allows you to define in advance your content , for you to have a better brand’s vision in perspective.

Make sure you have content prepared at least two weeks in advance. Have everything organized on time always help  to have an abroad vision of your strategies.


5.- KPI; Key Performance Indicator


After all four steps, you would need to measure all your efforts in order to evaluate the success of every action. How would you do that? Well, it depends on the results you got for every strategy, for instance, if your objective was to create brand awareness, you would need to measure it by impressions, or if your objective was to create engagement, you should measure it by engagement rate, if your objective was to increase leads or get more purchases , you should measure it based on the marketing campaign performance.

This way you will analyze the success or failure of your marketing strategies, and be able to modify it, adjust or repeat.



Dania Roza

Dania Roza is a marketer and communicator specialist on digital marketing at Kactus Media. She has developed marketing strategies for enterprises , brands and startups in the UAE.