22 Sep

Why you should pay to promote your content

When you boost a post on your social network, you are paying to amplify a broader audience, as organic reach continuos to decline. promoting content is an essential tactic for Social Media marketers.

The key to choosing the best post is:

1.- To pick content that performed well organically

Every business has its own definition of a successful organic post.

First, define a threshold, a number of likes, clicks, or views that a post  needs to be candidate for promoting, dig into the results of your organic past posts over the past several months, then use the average number of likes, comments or shares to determine a threshold to which post to promote.

Promoting a post should also reach your business objectives, while a post may surpass your promoting threshold it should also fill the top of your sales funnel, and set you up for retargeting activities down the road, the amount that you spend on your promoted campaigns can vary, depending on your goal business and customers, you might start by spending 10 dollars a day, while some larger businesses will spend 100 dollars a day or even more.

You may also want to increase your budget for specific events, a launch of a product or a sale offer.

Whether your budget is low or larger, establishing a baseline to figure out what success means for you is crucial. To do this, promote similar types of content with the same amount of money and watch how they performed, these results establish a baseline that you can compare in future promoted posts against.

You should also pay attention to actions or posts lead. So if you are trying to lead people to a landing page, click matters more than likes and comments.

To measure this traffic effectively, consider setting up pixels to your website and landing pages which will track traffic to your social posts.