29 Apr

Define your brand personality

Brands are a little bit complex and at the same time, very simple, as it said, brands are not born, we create them. There are a lot of researches made through the time that help us identify the brand personality and some basic and important characteristics that many corporate brands or product brands must have and some are great examples.

Here I have written down some important aspects that will help you think about your brand personality and why is important to follow a structure.

First of all, your brand equity.

Brands manifest their impact at three primary levels:

1 Customer market, 2 Product Market and 3 Financial Market. This is called Brand equity

With this means, that it is important the quality and service of your product but is not the only main factor that determinates the success of your brand or company, but also how your brand is perceived by your customers and prospects and if is financially accessible.

Every different brand personality dimensions affect different types of people in different consumption settings, like social situations, consumer conversation and advertising messages.

How is your brand personality affecting consumer decision making?

How is the relationshipo between your brand and your customer?

The relationship between your customer and your brand have to be connected in a way, in order to create meaningful ties, such a nostalgic attachment, love, passion, self-concept connection, intimacy, brand partner quality, lifestyle, etc.

Think about that extra thing you can add to your brand, perhaps having a corporate ability in producing or delivering a product, a special product attribute, an extra value, or maybe one of your products can be related to social responsibility as your employees’ treatment or an impact on the environment.

Think about that little extra that can change your client’s desition making and that will fill their satisfaction, needs and wants.

Also, when you integrate brand marketing activities, it helps you achieve positioning, coordination, and elements that will guide you into effective communication strategies.

A brand is more than a name, it is a whole experience. Think about some of the most famous companies in the world and what their brand represents.


About the Author: Dania Roza, is the content and Managing director at Kactus Media. with a mass media communication and marketing background.