dubai women networking session in Dubai by Linko
18 Apr

Networking Session at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, City Walk

About Linkso event

We had our first great women’s networking session at Lafayette Gourmet, City Walk in Dubai.

Organized by Linkso Networking   our Networking Events on Kactus Media .  We had the pleasure of having talented professional ladies, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

We have created this space for all professionals to meet and greet, we will not look for any formalities, we aim to connect people in real life, in order to open a fruitful connection and being helpful.

Networking is an extremely powerful and productive tool for all professions, with Linkso we are inspired and motivated to support anyone who would like to join and connect with others. Linkso means a link to your source of information. We all are that source!


Women Networking in Dubai organized by Kactus Media

Linkso is run by Cristina Mennah and Dania Roza 

                                                     Photo with Geny from Top Chef and Nathalie from Dress arte Paris.

Dania Roza Managing Director of Kactus Media,  Alia Kilani from My Dubai Wedding Planner and Mukta Tewani Co Founder of Miss palettable. 


Reema Siraj from Reema Siraj Studio and Siobhan Nafarrate


Female networking groups help women to get out of their routine and focus on Public, friendly and fruitful relations. We all need to connect to resources that allow us to expand our network. Even if you get one idea out of a meetup, it will have been worth it.

Networking event Dubai

Geny Nouhchaia, Marketing Manager at Top Chef Dubai  and Melisa, Director of Dance Horizons Ballet School 

Cecilia Romero , Managing Director at Manta and Rebozo and Rosina from Dubai Mexican Pinatas. 

Zainab Health Coach and Chef Cristina



Sofia Melin, Restaurant Manager at Lafayette Gourmet City Walk


Join our Sessions , reach us out to contact@kactusmedia.com and follow us on Instagram @kactusmedia and @linkso_networking for upcoming news.